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Linux Live Kit is a set of shell scripts which allows you to create your own Live Linux from an already installed Linux distribution. The Live system you create will be bootable from CD-ROM or a disk device, for example USB Flash Drive, USB Pen Drive, Camera connected to USB port, and so on. People use Linux Live Kit to boot Linux from iPod as well.


How to build a Live distro:


Install your favourite distro to disk partition, or into a folder on your existing system.


Debian is recommended but not required.


Make sure that aufs and squashfs kernel modules are supported by your kernel.


Debian Jessie has both included automatically.


You may need to install aufs-dkms package on newer versions of Debian.


Now remove all unnecessary files (for example man pages and all other files you don't need),


to make your Live Linux system as small as possible (this step is optional).


It is recommended to remove udev's persistent net rules and other settings of your distro,


which may prevent it from functioning correctly on different hardware.


Download Linux Live Kit from github and put it in /tmp


Read files in ./DOC/ to learn how it works (this step is optional)


Edit .config file if you need to modify some variables


Finally login as root and run the ./build script.


Your Live Kit ISO image will be created in /tmp


To make bootable USB, unpack the generated TAR archive (also from /tmp) to your USB device


and run from the boot subdirectory


Working example

If you're just looking for a working Linux Live system, visit

Download Linux Live scripts

FTP linkreleased
linux live kit -currentwarning: may be broken
linux live kit stable release 2.116th of December 2017
linux live kit stable release 2.01st of June 2017
linux live kit stable release 1.84th of January 2013
linux live kit stable release 1.731th of December 2012
linux live kit stable release 1.610th of December 2012
linux live kit stable release 1.521st of November 2012
linux live kit stable release 1.431st of October 2012
linux live kit stable release 1.311th of October 2012
linux live kit stable release 1.210th of October 2012
linux live kit stable release 1.125th of September 2012
linux live kit stable release 1.022nd of September 2012



Linux Live Kit is the most innovative toolkit available. AuFS provides better stability compared to old unionfs, squashfs with XZ support provides great compression ratio and amazing decompression speed. What's new compared to old Linux Live scripts (last released in 2011)?

- aufs3 is used instead of unionfs, brings great stability and features
- squashfs supports XZ compression including BCJ filters for incredible compression
- CD tree is simplified, you may call your distro as you like, eg. slax, knoppix, etc.
- support for booting from USB device as well as CD/DVD discs
- persistent changes storage DynFileFS provides dynamic-size filesystem
- support for writing persistent changes even to VFAT or NTFS (thanks)
- an install script to make your device boot in Linux and Windows
- support for loading your LiveKit data from different directory or even an iso file

Read current changelog for more detailed info

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